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Unsolved Crimes

•On 7/16/2016 a deputy of the Mercer County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to a business in the 9000 block of Hoenie Rd in regards to a theft.  The male caller was a customer at the business and stated he had his wallet and several items inside the wallet taken from inside his car.  The male’s car was parked in the parking lot along the west side of the business.  The windows were down and doors were unlocked. The wallet was taken from within a tool bag inside the car.  This happened sometime shortly after 10:30 AM-11:00 AM as the male had exited his car and went to the east side of the shop to get some parts. He stated he returned to get his money and noticed the wallet was missing out of the tool bag.  
•On 7/8/2016 a deputy of the Mercer County Sheriff's Office was dispatched to a Store and Lock in Franklin Township in regards to a theft of tools from a storage unit. The male caller advised that he had approximately $5,000 in tools and tool boxes missing from the unit he rents to include the following: a large, red three piece stackable Craftsman tool box full of Craftsman tool sets, a separate Craftsman tool box full of tools, a large number of Kobalt tools still in the packaging (T-Handled screwdrivers and hacksaws), a corded Rockwell drill, two Black and Decker nail guns, and two unknown brand paint guns in cases.  This is believed to have been taken place sometime during the week prior to 7/8/2016.
•On 7/7/2016 a report was taken for property damage to a residence on Township Line Rd in Gibson Township.  The property owner got home and noticed damage to the exterior corner of his garage.  This is believed to have taken place between 5:15 AM and 6:50 PM on 7/7/2016.
•On 7/1/2016 deputies responded to a residence on ST RTE 703 in Franklin Township for property damage done to the exterior of the home.  The home had been shot numerous times with suspected light blue in color paintballs.  It appeared that the suspect(s) had shot the residence from the roadway as they drove by.  This is believed to have taken place between 6/28/2016 at approx. 12:00 PM and 7/1/2016 at approx. 1:55 PM.  The Sheriff’s Office dispatch center received a previous call on 6/30/2016 from a home owner on ST RTE 219 in Franklin Township stating he too had paintballs shot at his home and requested extra patrol.




If you have any information on these cases, you are asked to please contact the Detectives Division of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office by calling the Tip Line at 567-890-8477.  Or leave anonymous tip here.

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